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100% Halal Nail Polish   |   Water Touches the nalsduring WUDU!



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Product Description

The Difference of Permeable Nail Polish:

Halal nail polish consists of an open lacquer basket. It is developed on the basis of a chemical formula with thermoplastic polymer which, in conjunction with other auxiliaries and chemical reactions, penetrates and punctures the paint – or rather enters and creates amorphous regions: There are microscopic trails in the paint that allow the water particles to penetrate and rest on the nail belt:

In contrast to the permeable nail polish, the conventional nail varnish is dominated by crystalline polymers which form dense layers in the structure, which makes it impossible for the water particles to penetrate. The illustration below gives a visual insight

What does nail polish consist of?

All types of nail polish (water, oil based and conventional) consist of artificial or natural substances that determine the quality. A good nail varnish must be suitably composed and live up to durability and shine. It should be easy to apply – not too solid or too fluid. Let’s look at the four basic ingredients a chemist uses to make a solvent and a coating for nail polish: